Get a custom website with GoDaddy Website Design Service

Benefit from a custom-built website

Struggling with building a website for your business yourself? GoDaddy Website Design Services helps small businesses benefit from a unique, professional website custom built by a GoDaddy expert.

Even if you do not have the time or the skills to build websites for your business, the GoDaddy team of experts in web design will help build a unique website for their business, so customers can have plenty of time to focus on improving and upgrading their businesses.

Why Website Design Service?

The Services is created to add value for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners to benefit from an expert team to build their websites for them, saving them valuable time and effort. tailored to the unique requirements of each business, WDS delivers a modern, professionally designed WordPress website in just a few weeks.
Selina Bieber, General Manager, MEA at GoDaddy stated that:

At GoDaddy, we know entrepreneurs’ time is valuable. We launched this new web design service as a quick, easy, and practical solution to support entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Through compelling content, complete with vivid visual design and layouts, businesses can have a premium look for their website in no time. The new website design service will help entrepreneurs have the perfect website design best suited to their industry and ultimately help their brands stand out from the online crowd and drive traffic to their websites.


GoDaddy’s team of highly skilled and talented web designers will ensure they have professional-looking, SEO-enabled websites customized to each business’ needs.


With GoDaddy you can build them a website that looks professional, shows up on Google search pages, and is optimized for mobile devices, to help bring new customers right to their digital doorstep.

Moreover, the GoDaddy web design team can equally create fully bilingual websites in both English and Arabic to ensure small business owners and entrepreneurs can cater to all their audiences within the UAE, across the region, and beyond.

How does it work?

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To sign up, fill in a ‘Request A Call’  form where you receive a call from one of GoDaddy’s designers who will walk you through the process of creating their website.

Have questions? Want more info? Call +9714586 8748 for a free consultation and demo.

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Selina Bieber
Based in Dubai, Selina heads up commercial strategy for international markets at GoDaddy and is currently an Advisor at, a business as a software company operating in the crypto-economy. Before joining GoDaddy, Selina headed up media relations across Europe for a large-scale energy project headquartered in the Netherlands and was on the agency-side leading marcomms activities for the likes of Facebook, Verisign Inc and Euler Hermes. Selina grew up in Australia, studying international studies and media at the University of Adelaide, before moving to Istanbul and completing a Master’s Degree in Political Science. She is now doing a Doctorate in Business Administration at ISM and also holds a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing. With English as her mother tongue, Selina additionally speaks Turkish and German.