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From conception to HATCH

Some of the best ideas are hatched from the good intentions of resourceful people who take an innovative approach to problem solving. Monica Parker is one of those people. A former homicide investigator in the States who now lives in London, Monica founded HATCH to help businesses evolve and improve using an evidence-based approach to organizational change.

 “I have always been interested in human behaviour,” Monica says. “My background as a homicide investigator in the U.S. gave me an analytical mind and a broad understanding of behavioural psychology.”
“I have always been interested in human behaviour,” Monica says. “My background as a homicide investigator in the U.S. gave me an analytical mind and a broad understanding of behavioural psychology.”

Monica’s entrepreneurial endeavor sprung from her master’s thesis  at Queen’s University in Belfast, which focused on sustainable management. She explains:

“I wanted to do something practical with the knowledge I’d gained. During my course the subject of my thesis received good feedback, and so I decided to offer it as a service to a few paying clients. Again the results were positive and the clients impressed. It was then I realised I could make a business out of it.”

Intuitive survey helps to predict behavior

Monica partnered with her husband in 2013 to launch HATCH, which centers around a simple but customizable online survey that uses a predictive behaviour algorithm. Survey results tell business owners what their employees like and don’t like in their workplace, and collect cultural clues they can use to make informed decisions. HATCH seamlessly gathers data, analyzes results, and implements a plan of action to help foster a better working environment — giving clients the tools they need to positively influence productivity, work-life balance, and ROI.

A standard questionnaire for predictive behavior “will only get you so far,” says Monica, 41. “By asking questions about what factors influence people’s behaviour, HATCH is able to determine what changes you can make to your culture, teams or work environment that will drive better business performance.”


In a nutshell, HATCH helps high-performing companies improve the way their employees connect, think, and HATCH ideas. And it only takes about 15 minutes to complete the survey on or offline through a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. “The surveys at the heart of our business are accessed through our website, so if it goes down our business fails,” Monica says.

An IT partner they can trust

“If you run a small business, you don’t keep banker’s hours. Sometimes you need help at unsociable times. With GoDaddy you can always speak to someone and it’s always a human rather than an automated service that directs you to an online set of FAQs. They are there to resolve the issue, however long it takes.” ~ Monica Parker, HATCH

Fortunately, the HATCH team has found a trusted partner for the technological tools and services the business needs to succeed. HATCH currently runs off of a suite of GoDaddy products, including the company’s easily recognizable .com domain name, search-engine friendly website built on the WordPress, and productivity tools such as business-class email and online storage. Perhaps most importantly, Monica and her crew know they can depend on GoDaddy’s 24/7 customer support to help keep the business running smoothly online.

“Our business relies on an outsource model and we see GoDaddy as our IT team,” Monica says.

Brooke Lipsitz
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