How GoDaddy empowers female entrepreneurs in the MENA region 

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Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner in the MENA region can be challenging – especially for female entrepreneurs. As it requires a lot of hard work, networking, investments, resources, skills, and qualifications.  

Studies have shown that Unfortunately women in MENA have the lowest rates of total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) at merely 4% of the population. 

GoDaddy’s mission in the region has been to empower entrepreneurs to take their businesses online with small investments to showcase their innovation. 

This article is dedicated to shed a spotlight on some female entrepreneurs and how GoDaddy has helped them succeed in the region. 

The female entrepreneurs we will talk about: 

  1. Yara BinShakar 
  2. Zeina Ladki 
  3. Karolina Bechara 
  4. Reham Saad 

Female entrepreneur, Yara BinShakar

Yara studied fashion design when it was first introduced and was one of the first to graduate with a fashion design degree in the UAE. 

Yara decided to pursue her dream as a child and start her fashion brand. As a female entrepreneur, she said the most difficult things about being an entrepreneur are: 

  1. You are not only responsible for your own income anymore; you have your employees and their families to think about as well. 
  2. When you are in fashion design, you do not stop, you have to keep creating, keep designing, never stop innovating. 

According to Yara, being an entrepreneur is hard but also rewarding.

Female entrepreneur Yara BinShakar

Yara started out selling and showcasing her products on Instagram She soon realized that she needed to have her own online store and built the When she discovered GoDaddy’s E-store, she got her domain name from GoDaddy, protected her online store with an SSL certificate, and to wrap up her professional look, she got a professional email address using the Microsoft365 from GoDaddy. Yara showcases her new collection on her website as well as calling people to find their own style, answering general questions about her business and sharing delivery, shipment, returns and refunds information.  

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Zeina Ladki

As a fashion designer in the region, it is hard to make it because of international brands and their attractiveness. Local designers usually end up working for international brands to make a living. This is what fashion consultant, Zeina Ladki and her company Fltrd are trying to change.  

Zeina worked for a consulting firm but decided to quit her “9 to 5 guaranteed salary at the end of the month” of a job and start her own consulting firm to empower local designers in the region. She explains: 

I always believed in regional fashion designers and talents and thought they deserve a chance.

Female entrepreneur Zeina Ladki standing in front of her brand,

Zeina is someone to look for when in a dire need of inspiration: she is a female entrepreneur in the region who started her fashion consultancy agency from scratch with nothing but hard work and desire to succeed. 

Zeina knew how important a website for her business is, which made her want to launch the website from day one. However, she had to do it gradually and had to get help because she was extremely busy.  

This is where GoDaddy’s services came to the rescue. fltrd got the domain name from GoDaddy, her online store’s WordPress hosting, an SSL certificate to keep her store secure, and a professional email address using Microsoft 365. At the ftlrd website, Zeina showcases and sells the works of local designers under different categories and also has a “Featured Designers” section to introduce their work. In addition to having the company’s contact, terms & conditions and refunds & returns information on the website, she also has a FAQ section answering general questions and also benefits from the newsletter signup form to keep in touch with her visitors and customers.


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Karolina Bechara

Karolina studied Business Management and specialized in International Business, and after graduation she worked in different fields. From marketing and promotions to sales and tourism, her educational background was her doorway to a flourishing career in graphic design. 

Karolina started to focus of graphic design and taking it seriously. She took design courses, watched YouTube videos to learn and started building a client list. 

In 2018, Karolina felt she was ready to have her own business and built her own website. 

When I was choosing a name for my business, I combined my name Karolina with owls – which are my favorite animals – and I called my business Karowl. 


Karolina believes that every business no matter how big or small needs a website. She explains that having a website is like having a digital office that everyone can visit to check your products and services. She also thinks that it’s not expensive or complicated anymore, as nowadays there are different platforms that you can use to build a website easily without any tech knowledge like GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing tool. 

Karolina got her domain name from GoDaddy and built her website using the GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing tool. On her website, she showcases her digital marketing, photography and print design services as well as a gallery that highlights some of her previous work. She also includes testimonials from her clients to help future clients get a glimpse of what it is like to work with her. 

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Reham Saad

Reham Saad is another female entrepreneur success story in the MENA region. Reham graduated from the archaeology department, Cairo University then started her career in corporate. She worked for 10 years in a multinational company in Egypt. She says: 

Working in a multinational company taught me a lot, as I had the chance to interact with different people in various departments. I’ve grown both personally and professionally in my career. 

Female entrepreneur Reham Saad

Reham then decided to start Happy Helper Co., which helps small businesses create a strong brand presence and achieve their goals. Reham says, “Our process is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the marketing tools needed to succeed.” 

Reham says, before building my website, I was looking for hosting providers online, and what I liked about GoDaddy is that it has all that my business needs in one place.” She says that her website-building journey using GoDaddy Website Builder was very easy and that she built her full site herself. 


She explains, “Everything was so easy and clear, and that’s actually why I started my website through GoDaddy a few months ago.” On her website, Reham has information on the types of services she offers as well as a FAQ page, a contact page and a reviews page that’s on the way. She also gives her visitors the chance to book time directly with her online through her website and sign up to her newsletter to keep up-to-date with her business. 

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That’s a wrap

Setting up your small business in the traditional way can be costly, instead by setting up your site or online store your door is open 24/7 to your audience and customers to check your products and services. You can easily update your offerings in almost no cost. These female entrepreneurs have established their brands and businesses online, you can start too.  

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