Marketing ideas for the Eid: Let your business shine

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The Eid season is upon us, kicking off three days of excessive celebrations, food banquets and family gatherings. The Eid marks the end of Ramadan, a month of daily fasting and intense worship. Over the past decade Eid Al Fitr, became a season of increased consumerism with profound interest in shopping and gifting. Marketers are under more pressure than ever to come up with ingenious marketing ideas and keep up with the marketing trends to reach consumers. Marketing efforts during this time of the year is usually powered by emotions, storytelling and personalized messages.

In this comprehensive guide we’ll cover innovative marketing ideas for the Eid, so you can take advantage of this opportunity, get inspired and be creative with your seasonal marketing efforts.

On your marks, get set, launch your marketing ideas

The Eid is a perfect chance for retail and restaurant owners to market their products. Yet, all sectors and industries must take advantage of the additional spending that consumers will be doing during this time. The continuous growth of smartphone usage and social media users in the region means that you must focus this weeks’ marketing efforts using unconventional techniques. The good news is that the possibilities are endless and most of them are cost effective. So, get ready to unleash your creative side and start thinking out of the box for original marketing ideas.

This time of the year is extremely important, with a potential market reach of 317 million customers in the Middle East alone.

Here are a few marketing ideas that you can incorporate in your marketing strategy for the Eid:

Choose the right message

First and foremost is choosing the perfect celebratory message for the Eid. My advice to you is to be both authentic and endearing, people appreciate personalized and genuine messages. It can be as simple as “Eid Mubarak” which translates to “blessed festival” and include the Eid motifs like the crescent – which marks the end of Ramadan – or traditional Eid desserts. You can take it up a notch and include lyrics from famous Eid songs, or even better come up with your own rhyming message for Eid.

eid marketing ideas oreo

Apple launched its first localized Eid campaign back in 2017, called “Shot on iPhone”.

Offer them something new

marketing ideas eid sale

The Eid is the perfect season for gifting and shopping. Parents will be busy buying new clothes for their kids and gifts for friends and family members, rings a bell? What would look more appealing for a person shopping than the word “Sale”, “Special discount” or “Limited time offer”. Offers and discounts can work along all industries and businesses no matter what their size is. Our advice to you is to prepare a special offer for this time of the year and better yet blast about it all over social media and send out an email marketing campaign to keep all your customers informed.

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Elevate your Branding

Because Eid is a significant time, it deserves its own social media and website branding and innovative marketing ideas. You can add an Eid theme to your social media platforms and your website’s homepage to get your audience hyped for the Eid spirit. Some brands go above and beyond and create a customized logo for special times like these. You can work with your digital team and create an Eid themed profile picture and cover photo. Meanwhile, your social media activity should go hand in hand with the celebratory feel and don’t forget your website too.

If you’re using GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing to build your website, you can easily customize your website with a simple drag and drop using the Website Builder. You can also create your own logo in minutes without any design expeirene using our built-in free of charge logo creator that offers hundreds of customizable templates for your specific industry.

Contests, competitions and giveaways

A contest marketing strategy isn’t just about the contest, it’s a chance to create a positive vibe around your business, generate leads and increase engagement in your social platforms. The Eid is just about the perfect time to create a competition or a giveaway as people will engage with your brand if the incentive is worthy.

Let’s say you own a restaurant and you want to create a competition; the prize can be a dinner or lunch for the winner and 3 of his/her friends on the first day of Eid or a voucher with a discount or for a certain amount of money?

The competition itself has infinite possibilities and it depends on your end goal; do you want people to follow your social media account? Engage and comment on certain posts? Create user generated content by asking them to share pictures or videos using a specific hashtag? The sky is your limit.

Just make sure you spread the word around as much as possible, through all your social media platforms, send an email to your customers, put up a banner on your website. You can even collaborate with an influencer to reach a wider audience.

Involve your customers in your marketing ideas

Let your customer’s voice be heard, by encouraging user generated content (UGC). By creating a hashtag dedicated to Eid memories, your customers can start sharing the Eid memories that they had with your product. You can also ask your audience to share their tips for using your products or to pick their favorite service or product that you offer.

Since Eid is the time for gifting, you can ask them to share the gifts they received this Eid from your brand/ business, don’t forget to caption it and reshare it on social media.

Remember to have fun with your marketing ideas

Our final marketing tip for you is to simply have fun and get in the Eid hype. You can always come up with original and clever ideas for campaigns, make your messages endearing and engaging. For example, if you have multicultural staff, have each one share how they celebrate Eid with their families according to their culture then share it on social. You can also come up with a special hashtag and invite people to share how they celebrate Eid in their countries then reshare the content on your social and perhaps write an article about it in your blog.

What are your marketing ideas for this Eid?

We’ve shared some marketing ideas for this Eid, do you feel inspired enough to start planning for your business? You can start planning now and implement a couple of ideas and maybe come up with your own ideas too. Have you seen any Eid campaigns that captured the festive spirit yet?

Image by: Ian Schneider via Unsplash.