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Why there is no support ticket system in goDaddy

Even for critical issue , they are not creating ticket. how customer can believe this. i think customer should migrate to some better platform.

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Greetings @kunallalani ,


I appreciate your comment, but don't know how you believe this. When not in Community I spend a substantial amount of my time addressing domain and transfer escalations. Our agents have the ability to escalate issues within the scope of our support. I know you posted in hosting and my arena is domains, but escalations and tickets clearly do exist, ask an agent.


I hope that helps,


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Why is there no ticketing system in GO DADDY?  I read threads but the response I do not think address the issues.   A community board is not a ticketing system.  I am spending to much time on calls and chats where no history is maintain and continuity. 

Hi @George555. To underscore what @T-3D mentioned above, we do have an internal ticketing system for issues that need to be escalated. However, we don't have one in place for general support questions. We did have this some time ago, but it was problematic for a number of reasons and was discontinued. I can tell you that we're looking at ways of introducing a similar type of support in the future, but I don't have a timeframe on when that will happen. For now, the options are calling our 24/7 care or chatting. We do have a presence on Twitter and Facebook if you want to reach out there as well. That team can handle some issues, but not all as they do not have access to your account. 


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I do not understand why there is no ticketing system for critical issues.  This make absolutely no sense.  When I have called for my wordpress upgrade issues, which Go Daddy performed for me, I received no option to create a ticket for my 4 calls.  


My association web site has been down for 4 weeks which was due to a Wordpress upgrade to version 5.1.2.  Each time I call, I had to re-explain my issue and receive slightly different responses such as:  paying $300 for a restore my data for an operation GO DADDY performed or upgrade my serves and migrate to unix based solution.  


A ticketing system would make the resolution of major issues easier for customers versus having customer initiate multiple chats and calls.  Even getting a support reps email would help. 

Hi @George555,


Sorry to hear you're having an issue with your hosting plan. Every interaction with an agent leaves notes in your account for future reference. If the solution to your issue is outside of our scope of support (such as any content-related, non-server issues) you may opt for additional paid services offered to help you with those customer-side issues. This article details WordPress Premium Support options as well as provide instruction to the customer to correct any website errors. Purchasing those those services will create a ticket for you.


If there is a server-side issue that can't be resolved on the call, a ticket will be escalated to review and correct the issue. These are internal "work-orders". A ticket will not be created if the issue is related to errors in content, plugins and themes, as the resolution for those is the customers' responsibility. 


I hope this helps clarify our hosting support options.






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