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godaddy not giving service after taking money

my customer number is : [removed] i have dedicated server with godady since last 3 years , bcoz of some mysql issue my cpu usage going around 100% , bcoz of this my website and crm loading very slow , i called godaddy for support , they genrated 1 audit report and told me to purchase mysql and apache optimization service from them , i purchased too, they commited me they will fix it in 72 hours , today 5 days past but no any work done from godaddy , i called many times in customer support but they speak like a machine , they again and again told me our EXPERTS are working ,  it is only 3-4 hours work,  EXPERTS take 5 days to solve problem ?   bcoz of this i am suffering, getting bad reviews on my mobile app and website like app and website not loading , they dont care on customer support only reach you for renewals and product purchase , i am going in consumer court for this , every day i loss 15k INR because of godaddy , even they are not telling when so called EXPERTS will finish work.   

Community Manager

Hi @rameshdesai84. Thanks for sharing your experience.  We are always looking for ways to improve. I can understand why you'd be frustrated. Typically, our teams can resolve issues that get escalated within a 72-hour timeframe. (That timeframe itself includes time to address the issue as well as the time it takes to work through other issues that were escalated prior to yours.) However, sometimes issues take longer to fix. When that happens, you should get an email notification letting you know things are taking longer than expected and apologizing for the delay. Hopefully, your issue will be addressed soon. 


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