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What happens to a domain name after auction

Suppose a domain name is put on an auction. No one placed bid on that domain and the auction ended as is. What happens to that domain afterwards? 

Does it get released to general public to buy as a new domain? Or does it go up on another auction? 


Suppose it does go on another auction and still no one buys it. How long does it take a domain name to be released to "available-to-buy" pool? 


Re: What happens to a domain name after auction

Hi @arximughal,


Great question! If the domain was placed in auction by the Registrant (owner) and does not sell, it is up to the owner what they wish to do with the domain. They may continue to list until sold, use it for a website, or they can keep it until they let it expire.


If the auction is for an expired domain and is not sold, it will be returned to the Registry. They will generally hold it for 30 days (time at their discretion), then release it for general registration. 



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