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Free Email & Domain Transfers...

Hello everyone,

I've got a pretty simple question, hoping someone (anyone) here can answer this if they have done this already.  I will be transferring a domain in to my GD account on behalf of a client.  I am curious, will GD provide a free email for this, (similar to if I were to have purchased a domain new and get a *free email with that account) to use with the Transferred Domain?
OR - will I have to purchase emails to use with the newly transferred Domain to GD?

I have many domains with GD in my own personal account, and I know they all came with a free email, so I am hoping that in transferring a domain in, GD provides the same, *Free email to use with it.

Hopefully someone has done this and can advise if the ability to create a free single email comes with the Transfer.



DM - Aka Sandi


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Community Manager

Re: Free Email & Domain Transfers...

Hi @DragonMedia, any domains you have in your GoDaddy account will email forwarding credits that can be used to set up email addresses.  This includes domains that were transferred in.  If you want to have a full featured mailbox with storage and the ability to send & receive without the need to forward to another address, you would need a separate email plan.  



Re: Free Email & Domain Transfers...

But How/Where do you set up eMail forwarding?  There is no link on the Transferred domains like there is with New Registrations>





Re: Free Email & Domain Transfers...

Hi @BruceKaye


The link below will assist you in  setting up email forwarding in your account. Keep in mind that any replies you make to the email you receive at the forwarding address will come from that active email address and not the forwarding address.


Setting Up a Forwarding Email Account:



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Email domain transfer

I would like to transfer my domain from to GoDaddy. I use to build my website, so I will be pointing at my GoDaddy domain from the wix site, I presume. 


I am interested to find out what options I have for email. Does GoDaddy automatically provide an email service? Can I transfer my email address used with to GoDaddy? I will need to as this is a business email address. Ideally I would like a google mail account. Is it possible to have a GoDaddy hosted domain, a wix built site and a googlemail email account?


Thoughts very welcome please!