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More than 72 hours worth of status Pending Uptade

Hello, friends. I got a domain here to transfer it to another person and I regretted it, because I've been sending it for two weeks already! This is the most horrible service! I regret very much that I contacted them! In the support wrote that the cancellation Pending Update. Takes up to 48 hours, has already passed almost 72 and still stands the status.


Also, you need to transfer the domain to the person. Stood for 5 days, then I received a message that the request was overdue! Smiley Happy That's such a terrible service for years. I will also write these reviews in other forums that people would see that the service is awful!

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Re: More than 72 hours worth of status Pending Uptade

Hello @infiniti,


I assume you are referring to the domain transfer process and not a domain transfer service?


I know first hand how frustratingly slow the domain transfer process can be. In my experience most of the slowness with the GoDaddy domain transfer process is due to the length of replies. If you have all of the account information and codes you can usually push transfers through very quickly.


I have seen some domain transfer processes from other companies be delayed by the company but GoDaddy has a truly simple transfer process. If you are waiting longer than 72 hours I suggest you review the steps in the GoDaddy domain transfer process to see if there is a step to do? Transfer a Domain to another Registrar and/or Transfer a domain to GoDaddy I hope that helps?

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