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My domain is not working at all on my wix website

Hello, I'm going on a week and a half trying to resolve the issue of transferring my domain over to my new wix website. I have followed a number of tutorials from both wix and godaddy and even had a live chat and phone call with godaddy to resolve the issue, and still no luck. This is incredibly frustrating. I have changed the name server settings with the wix details as per their tutorial but it is still not working. When I spoke to somebody from Godaddy they told me it would take a week but this is going on two weeks now. Can somebody please help me?Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 10.58.55.png

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Re: My domain is not working at all on my wix website



If your settings are correct, it should work.   Could be you have some old A records on your DNS that may be causing a conflict.


Are these the resources you used.


=> Wix has a page to help you out here.  Maybe call Wix support to see if they can help point you in the right direction.


=> Domain propagation shouldn't take a week -- only about 24-48 hours to kick in -- even GoDaddy states as much on their Connect my domain to Wix page.


If all of the above hasn't worked, what is your domain -- I'll take a look and see if anything stands out.


HTH! 😉


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