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Transferring Domain


I purchased a domain transfer service from Godaddy since 4 days, and i am waiting for transaction ID and Security Code. I recieved the invoice for my payment and confirmation of order, but i dont know where my transaction ID and security codes are sent. 


Any one has an idea ? I called GO daddy support and it will be 45 mins @ waiting 😞 




Hi @Usman124


Thank you for your post. Please be sure to check the admin email that is associated with your domain as the transaction ID and Security code will be sent to the domains admin email and not necessarily the contact email on your account. If you have checked within the admin email and you have not found the ID's, the codes may be resent via the transfers section of your account. I am including a guide of how to resend the ID's from the transfer section. 


How do I resend the transfer IDs to my updated admin email address?


Hope this helps!