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All sites on godaddy hosting account are down.

I was playing around with a wordpress install and suddenly i get 500 internal server error, and very shortly there after, nothing. I cannot connect  to any of the websites hosted from my account. I realize this is something for support to handle but the chat is down, I'm not currently in a position to call and there is one of those sites that I need to be up and running by tomorrow morning.


So, if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. 


Otherwise a very angry me is going to have to call support in the morning.


P.S: This puts a whole new perspective on a company I have worked with for years. I came into the community for help, only to find there is no support section, and whenever I search for this subject I come up with horror stories of people having their sites down for weeks. This is not reassuring.

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: All sites on godaddy hosting account are down.

Hello @nexus412


Have you tried to reach your server via FTP ?


Or maybe thru FileManager ?


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Re: All sites on godaddy hosting account are down.

hi yeah, I figured it was a temporary issue so i didn't fret to much but still, if i awoke to all my sites down i wouldn't be that insanely happy. 


so yeah godaddy resolved the issue promptly as was expected, but the other posts detailing similar issues where a red flag and got me a bit nervous. 

My Website is down and i cant contact Support !!!!

My Website is down and i cant contact Support !!!!

The support chat is always offline !!! and there is no ticketing system !!! what i should do and how i can contact the support ???

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Re: My Website is down and i cant contact Support !!!!

Hi @HawkSnow,


It is only 03:50 in Arizona USA at the moment. So hmmm, guess nobody will be on live chat!

So first thing: Install some kind of world clock software and type in Arizona USA!

Secondly give more details about your issue to enable a response that isn't guessing 'what's in the box' game.


I would like some of my clients to install a world clock too..... !!

Re: My Website is down and i cant contact Support !!!!

Excuse me !!! you are offline because its night and weekend in US !!!
This is internet hosting and its not a bakery or shop you should provide support for us 24/7 !!!


Any way Unfortunately, my client did the host here then ask me to manage the next time i promise you to transfer the host to another company who respect and understand the web hosting ;). 

Our website Is not working 5 days ago

It is the 5th day and our website is still down

How come this happened?

Who should make up for this lose?

And this is the first time I see host downing site 5 days for maintenance issue.


Please get back tome as soon as possible so that I take a decision in this situation.

Website frequently goes down


My site is frequently going down. In GoDaddy cpanel it says its up and running but it goes down every now and then for a few minutes. I noticed that it goes down when I make changes to the database not every time but whenever it does go down I was making changes. Don't know if it goes down when I'm not making changes.


Who do I contact? What do I do? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks ! 🙂

Server is down


my website is down for more than 24 hours, can not ping site

I need help urgent.


really it is very bad, because there is no support email for Godaddy !!!!

Re: Website frequently goes down


Here is an image of what my browser reports. So it seems that the site isn't down but something is happening but I don't know how to fix it.

Re: All sites on godaddy hosting account are down.

Site getting down frequently- similar issue

Same issue. Although the status of my site on godaddy says its up and runnig, I cannot load it in my browser or the wordpress admin panel. I am using asia server. This is really bad since last few days. At first I thought it is some kind of downtime, but now it is becoming more and more frequent.


I am using Business plan of it but showing same issues for all website on this server.