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Blog autosave problem

In the last week, while composing a blog post, every few minutes I start getting errors that the post could not be saved. Since it tries to save every few seconds, the error becomes a cascading series of boxes that fills the right side of my screen. I am forced to copy everything to the clipboard, back out to the posts page, do a hard refresh, and then edit my entry. Sometimes it's intact but other times content is lost, which is where the clipboard comes in handy.

I thought maybe it was my occasionally-weak home Wifi connection, but the same thing is happening in a place where I have 100 Mbps.


There is a place to submit blog-related issues from within the site, but the bottom of the box (where the submit button is presumably located) is cut off, so I am submitting this here instead.

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Blog autosave problem



I've found that the caching on the GoDaddy site is a bit wonky and can lead to you having these errors constantly. I do all my work in an incognito or private window now so it doesn't cache and haven't had issues. Give that a try and see if it helps.

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Re: Blog autosave problem/

Thanks, that is not something I would have thought of!