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Can't Access My Website at Home IP, but I Can If I use another IP

I can't access my own Godaddy site, it looks like it blocked me. But I use another IP, like my phone's internet, it does work...


How can I solve this? So I can work on my own home IP?

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Hi @mike8,

Have you first made sure you are not trying to 'double login'. That you are not already logged in somewhere else.

I am not trying to log in. Just plain visiting my site via a browser. When I visit via my home IP, I see the generic "Future home of something quite cool." 

But when I visit using the Starbucks wifi, I can see the Wordpress theme now.


It looks like Godaddy ban my home IP for a specific reason. Maybe failed login attempts?

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You wouldn't likely get banned for failed login attempts. Your website IP doesn't change, but yet when trying at home something is changing...............

hang on, have you cleared the cache on your home computer?

I did. Tried on every device, my phone, my mac, two other old phones, all connected to the same wifi. Same thing. But when I connect onto another IP, it works (with still the cache on it)

Iam facing same problem since yesterday

what to do ??