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Cancelling My account



I just created my account and wants to cancel it today. The service is too complicated. How do I cancel?

Helper VI

Hi @ufxpay,


I'll start with a disclaimer.  I'm not getting paid by GoDaddy(it'll be nice if they do) and I am only here to help others. 


According to their Privacy Policy. GoDaddy doesn't fully cancel/delete your account, all they do is put your account in deactivated status.

What Happens to my Personally Identifiable Information if I Terminate my GoDaddy Account?

When your GoDaddy account is cancelled (either voluntarily or involuntarily) all of your personally identifiable information is placed in "deactivated" status on our relevant GoDaddy databases. However, deactivation of your account does not mean your personally identifiable information has been deleted from our database entirely. We will retain and use your personally identifiable information as necessary in order to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements.

I find that there's really no value to deactivating your account.  If you want to cancel products or services, you should be able to login to your account,then go to your account billing then select all of the products that you want canceled then hit cancel.  


~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @
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What is it exactly that you find complicated? The only possible 'complication' bit may be if you go for self managed VPS. This is really for system admins and command line power users. A few folk go for this because it's the cheapest option, but never even used a command line up to that point. I suppose folk think "How hard can it be?".

Really a chat with support is often a good idea before you launch into a project that's too deep.

Cpanel on the other hand is nice and friendly, and perfect if 'you just want to have a go building a cool website'. Even if you expand and build for others too.

But if you go for 'hardcore' self managed VPS, you are expected either to be good at system admin, or just want a really good project to keep you out of mischief for a few years....... and then some, and become good at system admin. So often when you then ask for help you get a "But you're a system admin." 

Not here in the forum. We all learn something here!


"No pain..... no gain"

Unfortunately, quite a few people go "bruh, why you chargin' me $1,500 for a simple website"(that requires a custom ecommers, user login, registration, chat or forum etc.)
"that I can build my own"... Then after 2 weeks of trying to build a website through wysiwyg services like what we have here or others like wix, they come to the forums posting random stuff like - "bruh, I got tis error, what do I do?", "I got hacked, what do I do?" "Erm, where do I upload my file?", "Hi, I'm new, what is an FTP?".

The things they offere here in GD are so simple and easy to use out that I think, if you cant figure out how to use it, it is time to pay someone to do it for you.

Sorry for the rant but reading some the questions that gets asked here got me asking my self... If they are having problems with basic elementary stuff(and their project are so big), why not just pay someone else to do it for you? Developers gets paid a lot because their time is valuable. If you descide to try and do it on your own, that's basically saying that you don't value your own time.
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @