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Cannot access website

I am having issues in the last couple of days accessing my website. No page will load in the browser, no error message. It just keeps trying to open the pages (chrome loader keeps spinning) indefinitely. I can access my files through FTP and through the File Manager. I can't recycle the application pool through IIS Management. It also keeps spinning indefinitely. I though that it was because I connect to a MySQL database and to an Access database (ODBC driver using PHP) that it could be an issue so I commented out those lines in the code and tried again and also tested with plain html pages. Again with no luck.


Please, I don't know what else to do. Chat is usually offline (I am in EET timezone).




Helper V



Hi there Kyriacos,

Did you check your log files. Perhaps it is something like not enough memory ??

Just a idea.....


Mrsroadrunner Photography