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Currently have Bluehost for site; getting 2 more domains - still go with Bluehost?

Hi guys, I currently have Bluhost with my site.  I'm getting 2 other sites and will need a hosting service.  My experience with Bluehost seems okay.  No major complaint but a bit slow.  (But I can't tell whether that's due to my theme or Bluehost).


Should I still go with Bluhost? If so, do you know if they offer any discounts for hosting more than 1 site? I may need up to 4.  They seem to be the cheapest around.


Or perhaps should I go with other hosting services just to know what it's like? Thanks.

Helper I

Sounds like you already got it; going with another host to see what they offer. I should mention that there's some goodies that come with using GoDaddy and yes they could benefit you looking at the fact that you might have a number of domains or accounts with them.