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Failed email sent through the godaddy

i am very regret to use the godaddy now, the services is very dissapointing me, you claim yourself as best support, however your support is doing like 5 customer at one time, and ask me to keep patient wait until one hours and tell me you all cannot do anything. **bleep** support


i follow what go daddy tutorial to setup my email sent


however it give me the **bleep**ling error 


tempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions


you all blocked me and your support tell me cannot do anything???!!! What the **bleep** is this


all the SMTP server can be ping, only godaddy smtp server is like **bleep** and cannot ping at


godaddy is the most lousy service ,wasting my time to setup everything but cannot sent the email

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Hi @ryanchong,

I'm sorry to say this but you seem to have a much better grasp of English swear words than English itself!! 

I suggest that perhaps translation is at the root core of a misunderstanding of either advice, or instructions and I recommend using Google translate to help you!