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Godaddy OLDDDDDDDD hardware/software servers.... Upgrades long overdue....

Operating System
PHP Version
Hosting Configuration

I have been with godaddy for like 8 years and everytime i contact them they always rush me off support and make up some excuse that it is my fault or some excuse... a good host would want to work with long time loyal customers to help them stick around...

and now the

*CDN is GONE AS WELL "Which was a very dumb move because cdn is very useful and all good hosting companies that rank Really high Have them included..,

and in wordpress some plugins are telling me my Apache version is way to old to support it. I remember when i first joined and logged into the hosting admin area it was full of so many icons now its like the bare minimum.

*I am close to DC/Maryland EAST Coast and my site is showing its hosted
*Country United States
State/Region Arizona
City Scottsdale which is where it has been hosted since i joined. 

*Can someone please change my hosting/ dns and my domains to the closest server to me for my godaddy account or I will be switching servers.

*I would love to know the SPECS on the server my website is hosted on since all the other hosts that are within the price range im paying are using super FAST SSD Drives I wish I could have my hosting switched over to SSD drive..

what gets me is the Wordpress hosting plans they offer now all come with SSDS// 

Guess a long time loyal customer doesnt matter. 

I found this


also all over the side it has


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I have a bunch of domains hosted with godaddy and my website. 
All i want is to Move my site Closer to the EAST COAST, what are the exact locations of the web servers out here that support DELUXE Hosting. 
Anyhow I have spent the Last hour looking for how to change the location of my DATACENTER they obviously dont want you to find it because I cant find it anywhere. 
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You may take issue with some things but your first statements:

'Operating System
PHP Version
Hosting Configuration

by trying to class Linux ('LINUX') in a derogatory sense, just shows a complete ignorance basically. Most of the worlds servers run linux because it's far more reliable and bomb proof than Windows. Even Microsoft would be the first to admit this. Also the best computers in the world use a system based on BSD, a Unix system. Also the 'Latin' amongst programming languages 'C' (yes ultimately even your Wordpress is written in 'C' as PHP and MySQL is) and unix systems are so intricately joined as to be almost identical as the Unix system was designed by 'C' for 'C' and vice versa.


Besides, there is another option to cPanel.


I could go on but................................. is that someone at my door?

your personal rant was pointless? I have no issue with linux, I was asking how do I change my datacenter/hosting location and also update the php on my account to the latest version and apache?