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Hosting Expired, Files And Database Deleted



I was hosting my website on Godaddy but I missed the hosting renewal due to my misunderstanding of date format. I am wondering there is a way to renew hosting and get all files and databases back?


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only within perhaps a few days of your site expiring. 

So the answer after a few days is probably not, sorry. 


The date format is a common worldwide used format and besides this, warnings are absolutely given that a domain or hosting is about to expire. These are sent to email supplied and also show up when you log in to your control panel. So godaddy do their best to inform you, it's ultimately your responsibility to take action. 


If this was very recent then phone support. But when I say recent I mean like yesterday. 

If a backup had been made then it wouldn't be such a sad outcome. 

Very sorry!



Thanks for the reply. I agree this was not about the godaddy system, it was my fault. so I am finding the way to make a soft landing. If you don't mind, I would have an additional question. I am wondering if I still manage to renew the expired hosting plan, even without the files? it would save me some time spending on DNS setting.



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Hi @techit,

when you renew the hosting plan you start afresh but will get the choice of your domain to assign to it, so should save a little time. But your hosting IP will be new.