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Hosting Restoration without content being overwritten

I paid $175 to have my hosting account restored, and then I receive this message -


Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for requesting a restore of your cPanel hosting account.

We have restored the content of your website(s) to a restore folder in your home directory. Per your request, we have not overwritten any content. You will need to review the restored content and move the files to their proper destination.

Please contact us if there are any discrepancies in your restored content.

The Managed Services Team


How must I know where to move the files too?

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Hosting Restoration without content being overwritten



It depends on what was restored. You need to examine the file in your File Manager on cPanel and see what they managed to get back for you. Usually they're able to get back both the content files and any databases you had. Then you need to place the restored files in the appropriate folders and connect them to their databases. 


Yes, it can be rather complicated but there are tons of tutorials online that spell it out step by step or you can look for a freelance developer to help you out. 

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