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Making a Subdomain

I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. But I'm trying to put a forum into my website. Went into my domains dns and added a cname to my domain. So for example my website would be so I did as my Subdomain. But now my website says it is parked. The forum I installed into my host worked on the Subdomain. So I ended up resetting my host so I can start over incase I did something wrong. I'm new to website making. Does it take time or something for it to fully start working, did I do anything wrong.
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Re: Making a Subdomain



Try adding an A record:


Host/Name: forum


Value: Your site's IP address


See if that does the trick! 😉


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Re: Making a Subdomain

I ended up making a CNAME for my Subdomain and that worked after I forwarded it to my site.