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Need help ASAP. Godaddy can't help me!

My database is corrupted somehow. My plugins stop working. Need help. I was trying to do it with Godaddy's help. They say they can not do it.


Anybody could help? I'll pay for your help.

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Hi @owergreen,


The best and foremost expert in Wordpress that know of personally is @Muse (I hope I am not making you blush @Muse 🙂 )

If you contact here and are nice to her, I am sure she is best to advise you on your problems, she has over 20 yrs experience with Wordpress.........


Be polite and nice to her and she will most likely be able to solve your issue quickly........

Super User I



Are you sure it is your database and not just a conflict?   See if you can go through this troubleshooting process.


If that doesn't help, you should have backups of your database, right?    Here's a GoDaddy how-to on how to restore from your Managed WordPress.   If you are not on Managed WordPress here is how to restore if you are on Linux Hosting.


HTH! 😉

"Boldness be my friend." ~ William Shakespeare

Getting Started



I'm not a programmer. I know nothing about it. I just need somebody to help me with that thing and I'll pay for your help.



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Hi @owergreen@Muse


If you are addressing your post to someone, you MUST use their full handle like so: 



ONLY THEN will that person be notified.................So if your post was directed to @Muse then using her handle (now we're all teapots and pans) would notify her...................... otherwise we don't see your post!