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New customer - FTP Will Not Connect



I've recently bought hosting with GoDaddy but it won't connect to my server via FTP. I have tried to connect using the "Special FTP Account", (downloaded the configuration file) and used the password to my cPanel but it doesn't connect. So I tried to create a new FTP using similar details (so I don't have loads of FTP accounts of one site) but it says it already exists. I phoned customer help but they said I needed to redirect my DNS, which I know is rubbish as all I want to do is upload my files! I need the site uploaded before I can change the DNS so I don't suffer downtime but I can't even get past the first hurdle! Can anyone help??


Yours frustrated!



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Hi @markie036,

so I don't know why support told you to redirect your DNS but they probably had good reason. 

If you did do as they request it may mean down time, as you said yourself, right?

So what do you call not being able to upload your site?


Its what splashscreens are designed for. It takes minutes to upload normally. A polite splash screen, sorted. A warning email to clients too. Unless your site runs the international space station, no huge disaster should take place. 

Hi rammsteinium,

Thanks for the reply. In answer to your question of what I mean not being able to upload my site, I mean that I would like to upload my websites files via an FTP client, but it won't connect to the server. The DNS shouldn't have an affect on this if I'm trying to just access the server to upload files - I don't need the site to be seen by the web community yet, I just want access to my server via an FTP client. (I want the site uploaded BEFORE I change the DNS.) I am using the log in details for the cPanel, including the password, but it just won't connect. I assume that by using the cPanel log in this should suffice?






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Hi @markie036,

oh I see... hmmmmm. Have you checked your FTP settings in your hosting?

I use the command line to upload by ftp, I don't trust FileZilla though it is meant to be good. 

Let me know your domain name again and I'll check to see if your site is accepting FTP connections.

Sure, its

Helper IV

To log in through FTP (FileZilla).  You should know the primary credentials of your web hosting.  Follow the video tutorial below.


Thank You.