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PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded

Hi, I had used GD last year to host CubeCart and everything was fine, pretty much the same setup I believe as then, but as sales dipped I dropped the site but now I've set it up again with GD but this time I'm noticing a lot of timeouts and ERROR 500 from the browser and checking the logs I see copious amounts of "PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded" - I've already checked with the developers of CubeCart who assure me their product is fine, and indeed it worked flawlessly last year and I've even wiped the site clean and installed last years version of CC and I'm still getting a lot of timeouts and PHP Fatal errors.

I see also from time to time that the resource levels in CPanel go through the roof which says to me either I'm on the wrong hosting (but was sure I was on the same package last year) or the server I'm on isn't fit for hosting ??

Any suggestions welcome



Do you know which bit of PHP is causing the issue.


do you know the transaction code.


sometimes you will want to display a graphic which has not been cached so the PHP is timing out getting the graphic, it may be the graphic has been moved.


it is difficult to know without more details.


AlunJD Novice

Hi marko


I have the same problem. but the thing is it just happen today.

I am currently managing 7 websites here in godaddy and I scan my sites almost every morning. then all sites have fatal errors on the wordfence scan. 


i did a few research and i saw this page (


the contributor said " ** NOTE GODADDY USERS - You may need to speak to Godaddy to ask them to increase this for you as we have found the fix below does not often work on their servers **"


hope they fix this soon.