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QuickBooks Integration

Well it seems that GoDaddy has elected not to update their Legacy Payment Gateway, which means after November 12th if you are using Intuit Merchant Services (and a few others) you can no longer receive payment from this host (  People who use QuickBooks (millions) and want their shopping carts to sync to avoid the double or triple entry will be required to move their shopping cart to a different host.  QuickBooks says they have advised GoDaddy on how to upgrade, but GoDaddy tells me they are not going to do it.  Not real sure of the thinking here, guess they don't need a few million users.  Apparently, the V2 SDK API gateway that Intuit Merchant Services is upgrading to is pretty common.  This seems like just one more reason that one should not consider using GoDaddy, even if they don't use the shopping cart.  There doesn't seem to be any logical thinking here.  Of course, this information on behalf of GoDaddy could have come from some kid out of high school, since when you call you NEVER get to speak to some one who is truly experienced, and you absolutely NEVER get to speak with any supervisor or true technical person (another reason to leave GoDaddy).  If someone has some suggestions on how to solve this problem in the quickest manner, that would be good.

Community Manager

Hi @Fit2BeTied. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Could you give a little more information about what platform you're using for your website? I'd be happy to see if I can find out more information about why this is happening, but it's not clear where you're making this integration. Thanks!


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I've included a copy of the notice we received from QBs below.  When you ask what platform we are using all I can tell you is that it is a Quick Shopping Cart platform that GoDaddy no longer offers, and that it has the Legacy gateway.  If you send an email directly to my email address, or give me a way to respond in a more private matter, I can give you our account number and the URL associated with this situation.  NOTICE BELOW:

Critical Alert - Action Required


We are writing to inform you that you are currently using or have used in the past a 3rd Party Application that charges credit cards on your behalf through the QuickBooks Payments Service. We have the following application(s) listed for your merchant account(s) performing this service:
Quick Shopping Cart


The legacy payments service used by the application(s) will be discontinued on November 12th, 2019. Intuit has provided an alternative service to the application developer to provide the same features and functionality to avoid an interruption to the processing of your payments.


What does this mean for me?

In order to continue processing payments, your application developer needs to update the application you are using to the latest QuickBooks Merchant Services API. Intuit has contacted your developer and provided an upgrade path. If no action is taken by your application developer you will lose the ability to process payments through that application after November 12th, 2019.


What action do I need to take?

The application developer is responsible for any actions. You can help to ensure that your processing is not interrupted by knowing what they plan to do and making business decisions according to their response.

1. You should contact your 3rd party application provider listed above and ask them to upgrade to the latest QuickBooks Merchant Services API. An example of a 3rd party application would be an e-commerce shopping cart typically used on a website for customers to purchase products or services. Some application developers may need a few months to upgrade so you should contact them as soon as possible to avoid an interruption in service. We have published information for developers on the Intuit developer blog site.

NOTE: Intuit Payments Experts are unable to help 3rd Party Developers migrate their applications. Please have the Developer visit the blog site linked above.


2. If your developer is not upgrading to the latest QuickBooks Merchant Services API, you may want to explore other options that work with your payments account. Several compatible shopping carts are listed on Intuit?s QuickBooks Payments site. If you choose to switch to a different shopping cart, please contact them for information and help with moving to their shopping cart.

NOTE: Intuit Payments Experts are unable to assist in migrating to a new shopping cart provider.


The Payments Team

Customer account(s): *1923



Thanks @Fit2BeTied. I will get this to our product team. I don't believe Quick Shopping Cart is in active development any longer, but that doesn't mean we can't see if a fix could be done. I will let you know if I have more information. It may take a bit, especially since we're going into a weekend. Thanks for your patience. 


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Hi Jesse - any news on this yet?

Hi @Fit2BeTied. The only thing I have right now is that the Quick Shopping Cart team is going to be sending out a communication to customers regarding this issue (hopefully very soon). I'm still waiting to find out what the details are and what can be shared here. I haven't forgotten about you though Man Happy I'll let you know as soon as I have more information. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.