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Recommendation for hosting service?

What is a good service for hosting a word press site? I want to leave go daddy but keep my domain and existing site...  THANKS

Helper VI

Hello @Treetop


I know that WordPress recommends some hosting providers.

You can see the list here:

I have not tested none of those providers.


Good luck. 🙂

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I am currently developing a membership site using wordpress/buddypress. The site could potentially see 500-3,000 members sign up when it launches. I currently have a pretty basic hosting plan with godaddy with a level 2 memory upgrade.


Does anyone have some suggestions as to what hosting plan would be sufficient to handle the load of 500+ users.


I've been pretty successful coding the site by myself but have limited experience with hosting and am worried the site will crash with a big load on a shared server.


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hello all.


Confluence is a java-based tool that I am looking to host on godaddy for about 7 users.  Really just setting up a family shared space.


Does anyone have any tips or insight as to how to make this happen?



Any help would be greatly appreciated.