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Okay....I am trying to run our restaurant AND our online business, and I am just tired of getting the emails that my site is down.  I am tired of trying to update the website to have it sit there stalling because the site is down.


I do not have time to sit on hold with tech support....since Chat is rarely working....and there's not an email tech support option.


We have upgraded everything per GD....and still...OUR SITES GO DOWN.  I am sorry, it causes us lost online revenues when the site is not working and this is just ridiculous.



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Hi @PghPizzaMan,

May be stating a few obvious ones and a few not. I am not biased just trying to be straight with you.


  • Enrol in a maintenance plan with a developer, suited to the type of site you run. This would save you in stress, time and ultimately money.
  • Consider moving away from a CMS and move to a developer hand coded site. They are generally much more reliable, faster and stable. Do this if you haven't already. 
  • If you don't want to invest in the above plan, at least get to the bottom of what's causing the problems and consider redesigning your site leaving out what keeps causing the issues. This goes for any upgrades too, don't put them off if your site needs them.
  • SPEAK WITH SUPPORT. All too often we don't have time and get impatient when waiting to be connected, make time for this call!! Discuss your issues and see if a good idea doesn't pop up!
  • Any Godaddy Pro member can be delegated temp or permanent access to your account to fix things. We all have certain strengths and weaknesses though and so give as much detail as possible when listing an issue.
  • Best of luck!