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SSL on Ultimate Web Hosting Linux (Shared Hosting)



I have Ultimate Web Hosting Linux plan.

How can I use Let's Encrypt SLL certificate (


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Need Use Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in Shared Hosting


please tell me about this

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Here is an article on Installing SSL on hosting account. I suggest don't use SSL which are not popular on the internet.

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Why are ssl not ok? I have an older HTML site right now


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If you're looking to install a third party SSL on to your cPanel shared hosting you might also find this article helpful. 

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Thank you both for your help.

Unfortunately, the links you provided didn't solve my problem. I couldn't find the "SSL/TLS Manager" option in cPanel, I only have "SSL Certificates" option, and when I click it, it takes me back to the main page of GoDaddy.

BTW I don't have "Security" section eaither.

Hey @Sharbell


My apologies, I just realized you originally said this was for a Linux Web Hosting plan, not cPanel. That's actually part of an older hosting platform we no longer offer which won't allow any 3rd party SSL installations. Only our current cPanel hosting plans support 3rd party SSL installs. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

I didn't know that! I thought I had the most advanced shared hosting plan.


Thank you for your help.

A good business works great but you must first create a list of your basic requirements such as in your case as its a file shareing website, you must ask your developer to let you know the requied Upload PHP file size, Max Memory limits and Post Max Size which you need according to your website.


Once you have those contact Godaddy Support and cross-check these with them so that they may provide you with better solutions. This makes it easier for you and saves lot's of your time.

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I installed a certificate from Lets Encrypt but the new certificate does not seem to take effect.  Instead, it shows the old 'fake' certificate.  What else can I do to get this to work?

i Have this same hosting plan with various domains on it... I already bought an a single domain SSL from godaddy for one of the domains.. how do i go about adding and activating it.. 

Same problem here. I bought an standard SSL certificate in Godaddy to install in one of the add on domains I have in a Deluxe Web Hosting Linux - I could not find anywhere instructions to install the certificate. I´m starting to think that it´s not possible and I cannot believe it. How a company as Godaddy has a premium hosting (+€100 per year) where they don´t allow to install SSL certificates??

Does anyone know if there's any way around to install the SSL certificate without having to change to another hosting plan? I have +20 domains on that hosting and I don't want to move them.