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Spring Boot hosting


  Can I host a Spring-Boot application with web hosting ?



Re: Spring Boot hosting

Hi @rastan1, thanks for posting.

Looking at it's requirements, it appears to be a Java based application. GoDaddy's shared/Web Hosting plans do not support Java. You would need to use a VPS or a Dedicated Server to host Java based websites.


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Re: Spring Boot hosting

hi  ,


  I have bought a private server from goDaddy , now how can i run a spring boot application using my private server ?


Re: Spring Boot hosting

I believe you would need to install Java on the server. 


Then, if there is only going to be 1 java web app, you could just deploy an executable jar of your Spring Boot app which should include an embedded Tomcat server.


If you plan on having more than 1 web app, you would need to install Tomcat (or another similar web server) and then deploy your Spring Boot apps as war files.


If your applications will need a database, you could either embed a Java based database within the jar or war file, or install/start a separate database server application on the server.  Or point your web app to a separate database on another server.