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Valued Customer

I'll keep it brief... I've been a customer since 2008. The first group of domains and hosting I did was over 1000 bucks, needless to say, I've spent a lot of money with go daddy. Fast forward to present day, my delux linex hosting expired and they won't wave the penalty fee to load my sites up again (although this just expired). I spoke with a hosting supervisor Brad E and he said he can't budge on this. As a small business owner, if I have a good client that's been with me for years, spends a lot of money, and is a repeat customer, I'll do what it takes to make sure they know they are a valued customer. "Sure Ed, I'll wave it this time but in order to do that I'll have to put you on auto draft, deal?" ... that's how I expected to get treated... instead I was on the phone for 2 hours and now I doubt that I'll buy or continue to purchase from this company. It's a real shame and a disappointment that customer service is so far removed that they can't see how they are making their clients feel. Has anyone else felt this way with GoDaddy?

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Hi @Adairlion,


I'm sure you feel some injustice here because you have been a loyal customer. I have been a loyal customer at my local supermarket for must be a decade, I still pay the same as everyone else. Imagine the shock of those customers behind me if I got my groceries at a discount.

All customers are given the exact same service, it has to be that way, or everyone would complain and leave.

You let your hosting expire.