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Website suddenly GONE !!!

2 weeks ago, my website hosted with godaddy suddenly disappear. The first thing support offered is a $170 to restore the files. Instead of investigating how the site was suddenly GONE, they offer this restoration fee. 


1 year ago, my emails suddenly disappear, then they offer me the business email plan. So I had to pay more.


2 years ago, my sites hosted with the ultimate hosting plan, was suddenly slow. So I had to pay more, and then speed was back to normal. 


I am starting to feel suspicious about godaddy's business model. 


Search the web and godaddy community, seems like a lot of people are experiencing disappearing websites and emails. 


I think i will move hosting to site ground or bluehost, and will not pay these extras anymore.


VERY DISAPPOINTED with godaddy, i will not refer any clients using this host again.

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Hi @flashysite,

so sorry to hear this. Did your site just disappear or did it expire? What was the name of your site?


Yep--mine too.  And I cannot install wordpress.. its keeps failing.