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Windows Home Server 2011



I just bought a domain so I could migrate my server from to


When trying to set it up within the server it takes me to this link ( which takes me to a 404 page


Trying to set this up is becoming a bit of a pain, but when i get past that screen and click next on the server, enter my Username and Password it says its incorrect, when i have typed them out and even copied them direct from the page into the server and im 100% sure they're correct


Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: Doing a basic setup where it just redirects, still would like some help with this issue


Just so I am clear


if I type on my browser to get your version of hello world


AlunJD Novice

did you get this resolved?  I have been using Godaddy for years on my WHS but now i am getting the same error and remote access no longer works