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domain and host not connected - 503 error

Hi guys,

I renewed my domain and host yesterday, since then my site shows 503 error.
and now it seems that domain and host are not connected.
can you find where the problem is?

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Hi @electroqute,

here are a few facts on a 503 error:

It's usually temporary.

I reviewed the dns of your domain at this website and found something very strange. The ip address is not consistent worldwide and I would suggest verifying with support what your ip address actually should be. 


Also the issue you described with the 503 service unavailable is an indication of resource problems but I imagine that the domain does not reach the same location each time since the domain is actually pointing to more than ...we shall say a few ip address's as you can see below at the whatsmydns website.

Mike L. | WebPro

but why?
what should i do?