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get corrupted file when downloading file with large size (~60M) on shared hosting website

I have a relatively large zip file (60 mb) that I am selling. When someone goes to my website hosted on godaddy shared hosting server and  tries to download the zip file it often gets interrupted - at roughly half the size or less.  This happens a lot if the download speed is slow.


I tested with a file with 200M the download always gets interrupted.


I called godaddy support, all of them suggested me to increase max_execution_time setting in php5.ini. I increased that to 600 seconds and no help. I thought maz_execution_time has nothing to do with downloading a static file via http anyway. They all tell me 


Has someone faced with the  similar issue? How can I solved it? Right now I am thinking about moving to use amazon S3 static hosting if this turns out to be a limit with shared hosting.busy. Godaddy support invites me to upgrade to a dedicated VPS which I really don't want to do because the traffic on my site is not busy at all


Thanks !


I have done lots of testing last night and this morning and can pretty much conclude this is a problem /limit with goDaddy shared hosting when the download connection is slower. goDaddy support associates are not helpful but keep telling me there is no problem looking from their side. We solved the problem for now by using Amazon S3 for large file downloading.  While offloading my files to Amazon s3 I noticed Amazon now offers a $5 or $10/month VPS!!!