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noob question about backups!



We are on a windows classic / shared hosting plan and seem to think that included in the package is the "Free daily backups & 1-click restore" - how can I confirm that we have this option enabled?


Need some spoon feeding to find the the site backup option/menu which I cannot seem to find- any ideas? Or dont I have that option and if I wanted to manually trigger a backup - is this done via something like filezilla?




noob problem solver

Hey @maltawide,


You can check to see if you purchased Site Backups in one of two ways:

1.  Via receipts in your Order History.

2.  By going to your Account Manager, clicking on 'Options' next to your hosting account, and clicking on 'Customize' on the window that pops up.  If you have Site Backups, it should display in that window.


Hope that helps!



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