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ortery photo system

Does anyone know how to upload 3d animations from ortery photo system to the web. They say you just need to put it on your server.


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Hey @tomtoyota,


Did you not get the 90 minute telephone call when you bought the (very expensive $47,000) equipment and software?



Thanks for reaching out.  Give Ortery a call 949-859-5580. Ask about our HTML5 Implementation Guide which goes through how to implement 360 / 3D product views and animations on websites and popular eCommerce platforms. 


Also ask about Ortery’s integrated hosting system that offers one-click ‘Create-to-Launch’ hosting capabilities!


I think ^^ is loosely referring to when PC Magazine gave the Ortery 3D MFP photo studio (which takes professional still, 360, 3D product shots on pure white backgrounds as well as creates 3D models) an Excellent:  4 out of 5 star product review.,2817,2468823,00.asp  The initial retail price was $46,800, but after reducing the price on that studio our customers were able to capture that 5th star all on their own!