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    About to pull the pin - PLEASE help.....someone?

    Hello to all,


    I have a wordpress site that seem s broken now.

    I can delete images that I have uploaded ages ago but, I can't upload an image.

    I have logged in to my admin panel   in  Chrome and Explorer. I have tried everything.

    Template people blame Godaddy - Godaddy blames wordpress and keep restoring my site to earlier versions. It used to work six months ago......


    Nothing works. If I can't fix this - what is the point?


    Please help if you can?


    Regards, Jet Cooper

    Pinewood Studios. London

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    Hi Jet,


    I'll take a look if you like, maybe some fresh eyes might help.

    Can't promise anything but maybe we can figure out whats going on.


    Carlos M

    Divi Media