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    GoDaddy Cares More About $ Than Keeping Customers

    Recently, on a site I built for a friend, the automatic renewal for hosting was turned off. All I can figure out is that it was turned off when I turned off the automatic renewal for the email plan we didn’t want in the first place. Because of this, the hosting didn’t renew. GoDaddy emailed notifications out supposedly, but my friend’s email is on the account so I didn’t receive these notifications and she has been out of town tending to sick relatives. I was in her site earlier this week and saw no issues. Fast forward to today...her site has been deleted and GoDaddy is wanting ya to pay $150 to recover it. I had backups turned on, but those aren’t accessible to me since the hosting expired. I have 3 accounts with GoDaddy and have referred multiple others. It’s frustrating that they want to charge so much for recovery when their renewals area is set up in such a confusing way. For one product, there are 6 things I have to choose to renew or not renew. And the site was just deleted 2 days ago!!! Seriously?!?! How about a phone call when your emails went unanswered!!! I may as well move to a different provider if I have to rebuild the site anyway!!!
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