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    HTTP Error 503

    Starting today, I'm getting HTTP Error 503 on a couple of my Managed Wordpress sites. The problem began earlier this afternoon mainly on the wp-admin area but has spread to affect the public facing pages as of this evening.

    I've attempted to contact "GoDaddyHelp" on Twitter about this and have been ignored for several hours now. During this time, the issue spread to another site I have on GD Managed Wordpress which is on a different IP address. One site I own still seems to be immune to this issue.

    So far I've ruled out my connection, disabled plugins, tried on multiple devices, and was able to replicate this issue in multiple browsers. If I constantly refresh the page (seriously it takes about a dozen refreshes) the page will load... although very slowly. My sites in general are lagging worse than I've ever seen today even on pages that do load without the 503 error.

    Yesterday (8/16), this issue was not happening and I've updated nothing on my end during that time to have potentially caused this. Any ideas? Or this just something I'm going to have to wait out like the other issues I've experienced in the past as a GoDaddy Managed Wordpress customer?

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    Re: HTTP Error 503

    And a few hours later, the issue is gone. But not before GoDaddy on Twitter responded and attempted to blame my sites for "using up all of the resources" on the server and linked me to something to attempt to "optimize" my plugins. Anyway, without doing anything on my end, the issue appears to have cleared up on both of my sites experiencing it. As I expected, it appears to be another "wait it out" issue here at GD Managed Wordpress.

    Re: HTTP Error 503

    Did you ever find out what was causing this? I have the same thing, and they gave me the same advice. Which seems strange and not likely. 

    Re: HTTP Error 503

    Nope, never did. Like I said in the follow up comment - I changed nothing on my end and a day or so later everything was working again.

    Re: HTTP Error 503

    And it was fine from then on?

    Re: HTTP Error 503

    Yeah, it's been almost a year since I had the issue and it has not returned.