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    How to Connect Domains to GoDaddy WordPress

    I paid for my domain address thru GoDaddy but my blog is already on WordPress. I was told that I would have to connect them in order to direct my followers to my WordPress page. I purchased the forwarding and masking from Godaddy and follower the instructions so that my followers can be directed to my WordPress. was told it would take a few days to go thru but it's been over a week and all I keep getting is an error report. And then on top of that Wordpress wants to charge me $99 for something I already paid for with GoDaddy. Am I suppose to be paying both sites for the forwarding and masking or to be able to connect my domain?

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    How about some URLs?  The one on WordPress and the one you bought on GoDaddy? 😉

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    Hi @LatoyaD, welcome to the community! 🙂


    No, you don't have to pay anything more.

    But you don't have to forward your domain.


    You have to log into your WP account, and add your domain there. Here you have a guide into how to do it 🙂


    Then you go to your domains panel, and set your nameservers to the one's provided by WP in the guide I posted.


    Hope it helps!


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