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    Inactivity Timeout for Managed WP Hosting

    I want to make sure GoDaddy is aware of this.There are many reports of Managed WP hosting issues currently on https://downdetector.com/status/go-daddy/map and at least one person, seemingly from GoDaddy, has responded on those message boards saying that GoDaddy is aware but I do not see anything officially from GoDaddy. 


    Those of us experiencing this (there are many) know what a serious problem it is, and many of us have had multiple calls with GoDaddy tech support, including myself. Often times they cannot reproduce the problem on their end and therefore cannot provide a solution. Make sure your tech support person is logged into to WP Admin because the problem seems to be especially prevalent for logged-in users. For example, often the timeout error will only happen in a logged-in browser but the site will work fine from a private browser window or through proxysite.com. Not every time, though. Sometimes the timeout error happens for both logged-in and logged-out users.


    If this is something that GoDaddy is aware of and working on then sorry for piling on but you guys don't have an easily-accessible notification area for me to check current known issues. You should think about that as I'm sure it would reduce customer tech support requests. Thank you for all your hard work and hopefully this will be resolved soon!


    UPDATE 2PM: Via Chat Support I was told that GoDaddy is aware of the issue and they are "upgrading the servers" to hopefully fix the problem. I asked for an ETA on the fix and they were unable to give me anything definitive, saying "The Issue is still on going am going to put this in the high priority list for you so that it will be resolved asap". YIKES.

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    Re: Inactivity Timeout for Managed WP Hosting

    If you call customer service, they tell you its a known problem. There is a problem with their load balancing. Their server status page says that everything is operational (ha!). For me, this problem has been going on since last Thursday--four days now. Apparently, Go Daddy's system engineers are incapable of fixing the problem. Does anyone have suggestions on other managed WP hosting companies that know how to keep their servers load balanced?


    Re: Inactivity Timeout for Managed WP Hosting

    wpxhosting.com is extraordinarily highly-rated WP hosting. Five websites for $20/month, free SSL, free manual website migration Smiley Surprised 


    Am very seriously considering doing this for all five of my websites currently with GoDaddy


    UPDATE ONE HOUR LATER: Am in the process of switching a couple of my sites to WPX to see if they are as good for me as everyone says they are. GoDaddy really blew this - I have been a loyal GoDaddy-er for over a decade.

    Re: Inactivity Timeout for Managed WP Hosting

    Anybody have an ETA of this?


    I have been working this morning with customer support on this morning.

    Tried multiple browsers and they had me restore from backup.


    They did not mention this was an ongoing problem.



    Re: Inactivity Timeout for Managed WP Hosting

    They told me "a couple of hours" and that was days and days ago, when I originally posted this. I have since switched almost all my domains to WPXhosting.com and it was incredibly easy. They do the migration for you, their customer service is excellent and responds instantly via on-screen chat, there was a small problem with one of my sites and they spent an hour fixing it perfectly. They are fantastic. I had GoDaddy for years and years but this was the straw that broke the back. I suggest you switch hosting providers, and wpxhosting is excellent (I have no affiliation with them, by the way).

    Re: Inactivity Timeout for Managed WP Hosting

    I looked into moving also. In the end, since I have 9 months left on my contract, I am going to wait and move closer to the renewal date. WPXhosting looks like a great candidate and it looks less expensive than Go Daddy. Thank you for sharing your experience!