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    Managed WordPress can't sync Staging to Production

    I am finished building a site in Staging and I want to sync it to Production.  I clicked the option to overwrite everything.  It seems to get hung up and then the following message appears on the screen: "Loggin in with Wordpress.com is disabled for sites that are in staging mode.  Your session has expired.  Please log in to continue where you left off."


    I have confirmed I can log directly into Wordpress with my login credentials with no issue.  So what is GoDaddy trying to do behind the scenes when running the job to refresh my production domain with what I built in the Staging site?  it seems like it might have bad information stored for my Wordpress login credentials?  


    has anyone run into something similar before and you have advice on how to reoslve this so I can get my site loaded to production?

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Managed WordPress can't sync Staging to Production

    Hi @jsmaloney.

    The phrase "Loggin in with Wordpress.com" has me thinking this is related to a plugin (Jetpack perhaps). WordPress installed on a hosting plan would be WordPress.org related. I know there are plugins that let you log in with the WordPress.com credentials though. That's where I'd suggest starting looking. Others in the community might have other suggestions, though. Hope you're able to figure it out! 


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    Re: Managed WordPress can't sync Staging to Production

    Thank you for the thoughts.  I actually called GoDaddy tech support over the weekend and he did the sync from his end and it worked.  He said sometimes something funky can get caught in cache and throw errors, preventing the sync from completing.  After he ran the sync, I made more changes to the Staging site and ran the sync several more times throughout the weekend with no issues.