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    Problem with hosting managed by Wordpress

    Total greetings, I do not speak English, so I say this through an online translator. I hope my case can be understood well.

    It happens that I am learning in all this management of hosting managed by Wordpress. and a couple of days ago I wanted to increase the accommodation capacity upload it from 1 to 2 sites. very good up there.

    I proceeded to add the wrong domain and replaced the one I already had in the accommodation with the new one, Without knowing much English, I clicked on reset and deleted my previous website.

    1. I want to know if there is any way to recover it and if not then
    2. How do you reestablish the previous domain, because now a message that says "Pageok" appears?

    please help

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    Hello DaviZX,


    I am sorry to hear about that. Hopefully you have a backup of the data because if you have reset the account it sounds as if you may have removed the data. It is hard to confirm but I would suggest calling into our support to get more assistance in checking to see if you were on the backup plan or maybe the data is still there and you just need to get the domain names setup properly. 


    Give us a call 


    Here is our international list of phone numbers


    24/7 support


    Good Luck DaviZX



    Mike L. | WebPro