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    Website Security with 'other' CDN

    I've been a customer for 15+ years... I'm not going anywhere because I do need the simplicity and, but I have grown to put up with upgrade bugs that cause frustration.


    The current one involves my current subscription (2nd year) with the added package of website security (sucuri plugin if I'm correct) which includes a 'different' CDN. 


    See the screen shot below please...

    It bums me out that GoDaddy doesn't correct screens like below because if I have the package I have, I'm not supposed to 'upgrade' with the 'FREE' CDN.  In fact, when I saw it the first time I was lucky to be smart enough for the moment to NOT update the DNS and refresh the status... doing so would have actually broken the CDN I paid for with the website security.

    I just wish that correcting or upgrading products in one corner would include the flow chart item "How does this affect our customers that have our website security package with (the other) CDN?"



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