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    Wordpress Managed Hosting - Upload zip file wordpress site

    Hi all,


    I have been given a full wordpress website as a zip file.


    How do I use the managed wordpress hosting to upload the site? I can't use the migration tool as the site isn't currently being hosted somewhere and I don't want to create a new website because it has already been built but is all in a zip file.


    Please help.

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    Re: Wordpress Managed Hosting - Upload zip file wordpress site

    Hi @larryking,


    On a managed WP hosting site, I would unzip the files to my local pc and upload via sFTP into a root directory.  Keep in mind that with wordpress moving from one server to another is not always a direct process.  You'll need to create a matching database for wordpress and then make sure that all previous references to your prior hosting are changed in the db.  Path settings for file structure must be correct.  If there is an .htaccess file included be sure to review it for accuracy.  In some cases, I've seen only the file structure zipped without the db.  Make sure the db is included.  Unfortunately,  moving WP from one place to another, regardless of the "places", is not as straightforward as one would like!


    How was this backup originally made?  Standard zip or through a backup plugin?  I have used this backup plugin with outstanding success.  https://updraftplus.com/updraftplus-full-feature-list/

    This may help because in addition to backup, the premium version does migrations.  This is what you actually need in this case. 


    Hope this helps,



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