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Can't Update Zip Code in Domain Settings Contact Information - Domain Settings?

For some reason I cannot update the zip code for any of my domain names contact settings. I updated everything else, street, city, state, email, etc, BUT the zip code will not change, just keeps reverting back to the old zip code every time. I called customer service and was told that because my domain names have privacy protection, he couldn't see it to help me, and that I should call back tomorrow. When I asked if they would be able to see it tomorrow, he said, no, but they can submit a ticket. I asked him if he could submit the ticket, and he said no. Not a very warm fuzzy feeling from my most recent customer service inquiry. Anyone have any suggestions how to fix the zip code in my contact information section of the Domain Settings?


Hi @7lucky7psd,


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Sorry to hear about your difficulty with the postal code. The only reason i can think of why there is an issue is either the format being required or you are changing the data on a ccTLD (country-code domain). Some registries for ccTLDs have specific requirements for various fields, or require the data to be changed through escalation with the domains team (in during standard business hours). If you'll include the domain name here, we may be able to make a better determination.





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