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Can't attach my purchased domain name to website

I have purchased a domain name and have been using the website builder, however it only lets me select the Free GoDaddy URL even though I have paid for another website name. It doesn't seem to register I have a domain name already when I click "I already own a domain" or "use my domain". Any ideas?

Super User II

Are you still having troubles with this?  It can take a little time for a newly registered domain to be recognized in the account.


If the domain name and website builder are in separate customer accounts you would need to manually add the domain following the same steps as if adding a domain from a 3rd party registrar.


Also a root domain or sub-domain can only be associated with one product at a time.  If it were added to a different product it would need to be removed first or you could use a sub-domain instead.

Still having the same problem, it is linked on the same account and is currently not in use. If I search the url it goes to the default GoDaddy holding page as shown: Capture.PNG

As you can i see I own the domain name and it is not linked to anything



It looks like you've been able to sort this out.  Possibly there was some sort of bug in the system.