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Cannot renew my .it domain

When I try to renew my .it domain, it tells me 'We were unable to process the following product renewals' then the name of my domain, it doesn't tell me why, great error message.
I have tried to do this a few times, i have 10 days to renew it before it goes into expiry, so i'm a bit irritated I cannot seem to renew it. Does anyone know of a common reason for this? If I try to renew it as part of a mass renewal, it still gives me the error, and then just the .it domain, before it carries me over to the shopping cart, minus that domain.


Hi @Leftie,


Thanks for posting. .IT domain names have renewal restrictions, if your domain does not fall under the restrictions and you are still unable to renew I'd recommend contacting live support to investigate the issue. 



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