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Cant change my nameservers

I have been trying to assess my nameservers for a while but each time i out in my domain name in the DNS hosting section, it tells me "This domain is owned by someone else or in a different shopper account." Please it is really urgent and important

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Cant change my nameservers



Getting that message sounds like one of a couple things

1) You are logged into multiple GoDaddy accounts within the same browser and it has gotten confused which account you are looking to work with. It is possible that the domain and the hosting you are working with are in 2 different accounts - Try using an incognito window


2) It is a cache issue with something on your computer - again try using an incognito window / different browser


If using the incognito window or seeing if it is in a separate account does not work, you will need to reach out to GoDaddy support - While monitored by GoDaddy, people who reply on this forum are other GoDaddy users and would not have access to your account.



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